My Journey

The beginnings…

Many years ago, I dreamt of travelling while yoga was slowly saving my life. My story unfolds in many directions of struggle, trauma, discipline and adventure. I once thought that feeling a lack of belonging or lack of connection meant there was something at fault with me, like a personal defect. Yet through internal journeys of seeking and by questioning social norms, while exploring tools like yoga that support us, I learned something else.

I discovered that what we actually lack is ours as a collective, and it’s the loss of the symbolic life. There was something wild, raw and real that we had forgotten.

After making the commitment to make travel my lifestyle, I have found a different life. It is a life I have created myself, that inspires me and keeps me digging into the intricacies of the lives and places of people all over the world. Through them, I have seen a million ways to live – and the uniqueness to my own life and path.

Yoga has been a blessing, and I continue to choose it as a support to navigate this world. I completed my teacher training under the Sivananda lineage in early 2013 and have practiced and taught other forms since then. I continue to apply yoga into my daily life and interweave other spiritual practices into my understanding.


The Thai journey…

Thai yoga massage was another blessing. I found a sangha (community) and a modality that I never thought could feel so right. Since October 2015, I’ve been persistently practicing, studying and going deeper into understanding the most subtle aspects of this beautiful work. I enjoy sharing it with others so much.

As far as I feel I’ve come, I wish to find even more joy and lightness in my life. Teaching and sharing encourages me to feel open and compassionate towards others and myself. This work is not only a job. All of it is my practice, to be my most genuine self, and to be human. All of my students and clients teach me this.

I have now lived and worked across three continents, while studying and making yoga an integral part of my life. Yoga includes watching our own health, activism in our community, and actively becoming more connected to our environment and stripping away unnecessary ‘wants’ in our material life. I worry that our societies do not support this, and to live a yogi life in this world is not an easy one. I believe I made my life a work of art – to challenge this fact. To show others that we can live for today.

Love is everywhere,



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