Beginner introduction weekend in Lisbon

March 25-27
Lisbon, Portugal
@ Agora Yoga Studio


This course is a brief introduction into the magical world of healing touch.

Thai massage is an ancient healing practice used to release energetic blocks and bring balance to the body and mind. It is a sacred form of bodywork, rooted in yoga and Buddhism, and embracing the spiritual aspects of our Being. Physically, Thai massage combines passive stretching and deep compression, supported by presence and intention. It is a magical journey of transformation for both the receiver and the giver.

In this weekend introduction course, we will joyfully explore the powers of touch and connection while practicing a simple routine that covers the body from feet to head. It is an introduction to the main principles of this modality, along with it’s essential tools of compassionate touch and intuitive listening, from where we must begin our Thai massage journey.

You will walk away with a massage sequence to practice on (healthy) friends and family, as well as an experience of understanding skills that you can bring into your daily life. A print manual is provided to help you continue practicing at home.


No previous experience is required. Great for anyone already working with body-based modalities (yoga, dance, massage, etc.) or anyone with an interest in finding deeper connections to themselves and others.

Who Is This Course For?

  • For those searching for a more meaningful way of connection.
  • For those who want to explore qualities of touch and giving a simple massage for loved ones.
  • For those who are interested in diving deeper into the studies of Thai Yoga Massage as a practice or profession.
  • For massage therapists, yoga teachers and other bodyworkers who are looking to expand their toolkit.

What You Will Receive

  • A simple full body massage sequence you can practice on healthy friends and family.
  • A print manual to support you in continuing your practice at home.
  • A deeper understanding of the foundations of this bodywork and healing practice, skills which can applied “off the mat” and in our daily lives.
  • Teachings in developing qualities of touch, compassion, self-healing and intuitive listening.
  • Connection in community of like-minded seekers of a spiritual or self-awareness practice

About Erica

Erica has been practicing yoga, spirituality and healing modalities for over 10 years. Having explored other forms of bodywork already, she found a real connection and faith upon discovering Thai Yoga Massage in 2015, and hasn’t looked back since. This work transformed her through its elements of creativity and playfulness, rooted in a spiritual practice that helps the healing of others as well as ourselves.

Originally from Canada, Erica manages her own practice of regular treatments in Lisbon, Portugal and teachers beginner courses throughout Europe. Her studies currently take her into oestopathy and shamanism – tools which she integrates into her treatments and believes are access points to help approach healing with an understanding of our true being and our connections to a greater whole, or Spirit.

When & where

March 25 / 26 / 27
Friday from 6-9pm
Saturday full day from 10am – 6pm
Sunday from 3pm to 7pm

The course will take place at Agora – Mindful Yoga in Lisboa, in Intendente.

Value Exchange

The value exchange of the course, including print manual, is 200€.

Registration and Payment Terms

Non-refundable deposit of 40€ required to reserve your space.
Payment cab be made by SEPA transfer or paypal.
Payment in full is to be made in cash on arrival of the first day of the course.

*In the case of event cancellation or date change by Erica Bhavani or any other organizers, including as well unpredictable changes due to the pandemic situation, the full deposit will be refunded.

To register, please complete the following form:  REGISTRATION FORM.
Alternatively, you can e-mail Erica at




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