Learn Thai Massage

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THAI YOGA MASSAGE is an ancient healing practice used to release energetic blocks and bring balance to the body and mind. Rooted in yoga and Buddhism, it combines passive stretching and deep compression, supported by presence and intention. It is a magical journey of transformation for both the receiver and the giver.

In these intensives, we will joyfully explore the powers of touch and connection completing a simple routine that covers the body from feet to head. We will work with different elements of Thai yoga massage along with understanding its roots and principles, based on the tradition of Asokananda. These courses are an introduction to the main principles and selection of techniques techniques of this modality, along with essential tools of compassionate touch and intuitive listening, from where we must begin our Thai massage journey.

No previous experience is required. Great for anyone already working with the body-based modalities (yoga, dance, massage, etc.) or anyone with an interest in finding deeper connections to themselves and others.

***For your information, after each course, students will receive a printed certificate of attendance. A certificate of completion is given after Level 2. To be legally entitled to label yourself or practice this art professionally, please consult your national country’s laws and regulations, as well as insurance policies, within the context of alternative medicine.



One Day Introduction Workshops

In our single day workshops, we will speak about the history and introduce the main principles of Thai massage. Often people are unaware of the spiritual aspects of this practice, that involve Vipassana meditation, presence and intuitive listening. We will explore qualities of touch while learning a short massage sequence to explore the practice, have something to share with your loved ones, and hopefully get you excited for more.


Weekend Introduction Courses (2 – 3 Days)

For the weekend introduction courses, you will receive the tools to share a 45 minute to one hour safe massage practice on (healthy) friends and family as well as a print manual to continue your practice. This is a useful option for those still wondering if Thai massage is a practice they want to continue for further study, AS WELL AS for those who want to learn some massage techniques to share with those that they love. As a personal practice, Thai massage goes a long way to supporting our connection with other, learning about ourselves and sharing love. This course thus can be for anyone from bodyworkers to those looking for more tools in their daily life to live a more peaceful and fulfilled life.


Level 1 and Level 2 Beginner Course (5 – 6 days each)

In the one week intensive course, we will cover the main principles and foundations of Thai massage along with practicing a full body massage sequence from feet to head. By the end of the week, you will have an understanding of how we approach our receiver when giving a massage, the emotional mapping and energetic Sen lines we use to work with the body, explore a variety of techniques from both the static and dynamic traditions of Thai massage, understand different qualities of touch, and learn how to work with your intuition.

By the end of the course, you will have a sequence to give a 90 minute massage or more. There will be enough variety in the techniques to creatively explore what works for you and what works for each of your receivers in the moment. At this level, we are working mainly with already healthy and functional bodies, yet we will have the tools to begin safely exploring therapeutic applications.

This course is an experience of Thai massage as a deep, personal journey, where the process of learning how to touch, feel and listen relate just as much to ourselves as it does to the others. With the support of guided self-practices, and the magic of the techniques themselves, we will explore this internal spiritual journey within the modality of Thai massage.