Level 1 – Beginner Course – Interlaken

Level 1 – Beginner Course in Interlaken

September 22 – 27
Date to be confirmed in light of Covid-19.
@Mountain Yoga Interlaken, Unterseen, Switzerland


This course is an introduction to a unique bodywork modality and a deeper experience of it’s main principles – loving-kindness and compassionate touch – from where we must begin our Thai massage journey. Thai yoga massage is an ancient bodywork practice that stems from yoga of India and Buddhism, yet more importantly, it is a magical journey of transformation, using meditation, presence and intuitive listening to encourage self-healing… for both the receiver and the giver.

This is a Level One course, making half part of a full Beginner’s course, under the tradition of Ashokananda of the Sunshine Network in Thailand. No previous experience in bodywork or yoga is necessary. We will work from the beginning to learn the main principles, approach and techniques of Thai massage. From this beginning, you will be able to give a massage treatment, continue the practice and develop the skills from home, create your own sequences, and develop your own intuitive form of giving.

This course is a great foundation to begin the practice of giving massage. It’s in the practice where the real learning then happens. As a spiritual practice, you will also receive a modality from which you can explore your own self more deeply through the use of touch, connection with others and understanding how to feel energy.



Course Contents

  • Overview of the fundamental principles of Thai massage… how to use gravity, your own body weight, alignment, freedom and movement in your own body, etc.
  • Practical exercises to explore qualities of touch, developing intuition, compassion and self-healing.
  • A variety of techniques to creatively create full body massage sequences to practice on healthy friends and family.
  • A print manual to take home with you.

Who Is This Course For?

  • For those searching for a more meaningful way of connection.
  • For those who are interested in diving deeper into the studies of Thai Yoga Massage as a practice or profession.
  • For massage therapists, yoga teachers and other bodyworkers who are looking to expand their toolkit.

About Erica

Erica has been practicing yoga, spirituality and healing modalities for over 10 years. Having explored other forms of bodywork already, she found a real connection and faith upon discovering Thai Yoga Massage, and hasn’t looked back since. This work transformed her through its elements of creativity and playfulness, rooted in a spiritual practice that helps the healing of others as well as ourselves.

Erica received her certificate through the Sunshine Network of Thailand in Sunshine House Greece in 2015. Her spiritual journey began many years before with the discovery of yoga. Thai massage began a catalyst to deepen her practice and align her spiritual path with her daily life. Through her interest to discover truth and meaning, her studies now are focused on shamanic healing and oesteopathy.

When & where

September 22- 27, 2020
Date to be confirmed in light of Covid-19.
6 days, with one half day.
@ Mountain Yoga Interlaken

Value Exchange

Value of course, including manual:  630 CHF
Early bird value: 575 CHF.  **Save 55 CHF**
Early bird must be registered and paid in full by June 22nd.


Registration is mandatory and full payment only will reserve your space.

To register your place or show your interest, e-mail Fabienne @ Mountain Yoga Interlaken: