Level 1 – Beginner Thai Yoga Massage Course in Ericeira

May 22 – 27, 2023
Ericeira, Portugal
@ House of the Rising Mojo

This course is a Level 1 of 2 to complete a basic beginner Thai yoga massage course following the tradition of Asokananda and the Sunshine Network. It is not required to have previous Thai massage or other form of bodywork training.

In this level one intensive course, we will cover the main principles and foundations of Thai massage along with practicing a full body massage sequence from feet to head. By the end of the week, you will have an understanding of how we approach our receiver when giving a treatment, the emotional mapping and energetic lines we use to work with the body, and many techniques to create and give individualized sequences of relaxing and effective massage treatments for healthy bodies. You will receive a supportive manual to continue your practice at home and the knowledge to develop your own intuitive form of giving.

This course is a great foundation to begin the practice and art of giving deeply healing bodywork. It’s in the practice where the real learning happens. Within a small group setting, you will receive guided attention and instructions to ensure you leave the training with confidence and understanding. This course also offers an experience of Thai massage as a deep, personal journey, where the process of learning how to touch, feel and listen relate just as much to extending that practice to ourselves as to others. With the support of other guided practices, we will explore this internal spiritual journey with the tool of Thai massage.

How does Thai massage work?

Thai yoga massage is a holistic and ancient bodywork practice that stems from yoga of India and Buddhism. As a traditional mind-body medicine, Thai massage works with applied techniques to stimulate deep relaxation in the body and release energy blocks and stagnation throughout the entire system. Using tools of meditation, presence and intuitive listening, we create a safe and sacred space to encourage self-healing for both the receiver and giver.

After this course, you will have:

  • an overview of the foundations and principles of Thai massage, including proper posture and alignment, how to use gravity and your own body weight to give deep pressure.
  • The history, philosophy and medical theory behind Thai massage.
  • A variety of techniques to creatively create full body massage sequences to practice on healthy friends and family.
  • How to save your own energy while giving a massage treatment.
  • Small group setting so you can receive a lot of guided assistance.
  • A print manual to support your continued practice at home. 
  • Meditations and practical exercises to explore presence, self-awareness, qualities of touch, and developing compassion and intuition.

About Erica

Erica has been practicing yoga, spirituality and healing modalities for over 12 years. Having explored other forms of bodywork already, she found a real connection and faith upon discovering Thai Yoga Massage and hasn’t looked back since. She received her practitioner certificate through the Sunshine Network in 2015 and runs her private practice in Lisbon, Portugal since 2017.

As a member of the Thai Healing Alliance, she continues to study regularly with a variety of teachers, taking advanced courses and assisting her teachers in their own training courses. Her studies are currently branching out into osteopathy and shamanism. Erica believes in our ability to heal ourselves, and shares these modalities as a complement and support to help us along our own personal journeys.

When & where

Monday May 22 – Saturday May 27 (six days, with one half day in the middle)

Classes will run, in general from:
9:30am – 1pm: morning class
1 – 3pm: lunch break
3 – 6pm: afternoon class

Location: Ericeira, Portugal. Hosted by House of the Rising Mojo.

Value Exchange

Full cost of the course, including print manual is 490€.

Note that this is a non-residential course, in a space about 5 minutes drive from Ericeira.

If you require of prefer to stay on site for the duration of the course, there are beautiful rooms available on site. Rental prices for the rooms are as follows:

Single bed in a shared room of 2 people: 25€ per night
Private room: 50€ per night.

Depending on availability, there is the possibility to stay some nights before or after the course if desired. Accommodation may be booked with the host of the space / contact for the course, after your registration is made.

Kitchen Access and Meals

As this is a non-residential course, meals are not provided. All students, however, have access to an on-site kitchen and fridge to re-heat, cook or store meals. The town of Ericeira is also 5 minutes away by driving, where there are many restaurants. With a 2 hour lunch break, there is plenty of time to organize yourself for a relaxed meal and break.

Registration and Payment Terms

Non-refundable deposit of 70 euros required to reserve your space.
Payment to be made by SEPA transfer, or other form agreed upon.
Remained of the payment is to be made in cash on arrival of the first day of the course.

*In the case of event cancellation or date change by Erica Bhavani or any other organizers, the full deposit will be refunded.

To register, please complete the following form:  REGISTRATION FORM.
Alternatively, you can e-mail Erica at erica@bhavaniyogamassage.com