Massage Shala

Massage Shala

Massage Shala is a community concept. It formed in the interest to spread the benefits of bodywork and human touch, through a monthly event to receive massage at accessible prices. 

The massage shala is a shared, open space with different therapists working together, at the same time. In Eastern cultures, this is a typical way to receive massage. With an informal setting, we have the opportunity to release and heal without the “seriousness” attached to therapy, while honoring the social aspect also necessary in healing. In the presence of others and making use of available public spaces, we have the opportunity to receive more and open more. 

Imagine a room filled with futons, mats, tables and cushions. A cozy space with a nook waiting just for you. Walking in, you are greeted, welcomed, asked to enter. In the shala, you can let your boundaries go. In this space, you are accepted. This is a room with others arriving just like you. Here to experience healing in the oldest form of therapy in the world.. human touch.

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We are a group of therapists providing different forms of bodywork in the city of Lisbon and abroad. All of our work is rooted in some form of holistic philosophy and spiritual practice.

Erica Bhavani (Thai yoga massage) – What is Thai massage? 
Lea Mirbach (Shiatsu)
Anna Daley (Lomi Lomi)
Hugo Garcia (Shiatsu)

Value Exchange:
30 minutes – 18 euros
1 hour – 35 euros

Pre-booking recommended. Walk-ins also possible. 

Upcoming Dates & Locations

Saturday June 22 –15h – 19h
Agora Lisboa, Intendente
Rua Rafael de Andrade 23, 2nd floor
special event–> we will have a live gong bath happening throughout the afternoon/treatments

Saturday, July 20  – 10h – 15h
Rua Vieira da Silva 54, 2°Esq

Saturday, September 14 – 15h – 20h 
Agora Lisboa, Intendente
Rua Rafael de Andrade 23, 2nd floor