Mantra Meditation

This is an uplifting and fun – on the last Friday of every month –  where we practice call and response chanting of mantras, also known as words or sounds that we repeat to help us concentrate in meditation. This is a deeply nourishing practice that helps us to completely rest and bring tranquility to the mind, relieve anxiety, depression and other stuck emotions, and most of all to experience joy and bliss in our hearts.


When we chant, we also unlock blockages in our throats and when we sing from the heart, we let go of  how we think we should sound. Then we can freely move and speak from a more authentic place within ourselves. This practice is an enriching tool to take us deeper into ourselves. Therefore, you do not need to be religious, and you will not be asked to become religious. Mantra meditation is based on the ancient science of yoga, as a way to rest our minds and heal our hearts.


Fridays from 7pm – 8:30pm

Location: Little Yoga Space
Rua da Assunção 42, floor 4, room 28
Cost:  10€