Private Yoga Therapy

Private Yoga Therapy

Personalized and led instruction through a 75 minute class with postures specific to your body and needs at the moment. We begin to design a practice suited for you and poses you can practice at home.

I aim to bring my own experience from my practice into my classes, coming from a background in Sivananda while currently exploring Astanga and Yin. The classes I lead are Hatha Vinyasa with the intention on connecting the breath with conscious awareness of movement.

Through my years of practice, I’ve come to believe that regardless of which style of yoga you practice, this is the fundamental awareness to have in your practice and can easily be carried “off the mat” to find ease and freedom in your daily life.

Classes tend to take on a meditative flow through the movement of the body, while allowing the senses to come inwards and fostering a feeling of self-awareness and peace.

Other elements are also incorporated into the classes, based on students’ needs and interests, such as pranayama, chanting, fascial release techniques as well as yoga philosophy. I believe in the importance of our practice to have context- meaning understanding why we are practicing and how to apply and use the benefits in our daily life.

For students:

Private class – 30€ / 1 hour 15 min
10€ per extra person

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For studios:

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