Cacao & Mushroom Ceremony in Lisbon

What is cacao and what are mushrooms (psilocybin)? And why take them together?

Did you know that the mixture of the cacao plant (a mood elevator, heart opener and the origin source of chocolate) with psycho-active fungi (an opening of our consciousness and restructuring of neural pathways in the brain) has been practiced since ancient Mesoamerica by the Aztecs? The “food of the gods” (cacao) helps to enhance and integrate into the body the effects of the mushrooms. In reciprocity, I find that the mushrooms (known as the “flesh of the gods”) heighten our sensitivity, thereby giving more body perception into the subtle effects of the heart opening cacao.

These two medicines both work strongly with heart energy and body-sensing perception, thereby supporting each other in their effects. The medicines will be served separately, so you are also welcome to come only for cacao or only for the mushrooms (psilocybin). The doses are very unlikely to encourage any psychedelic “trips” or visions, but rather keep you in a heightened awareness and connection to your feeling-body and wisdom. We invite you to come as you are, for a sacred moment of re-connection to Spirit and to yourself.

Em português:

Vamos realizar uma cerimónia de cacau e microdosing de psilocibina, no dia 1 de Outubro, entre as 15h e as 19h, em Lisboa. Serviremos as duas medicinas em separado, assim que, são igualmente bem-vind@s apenas para uma elas.

Estas medicinas já eram utilizadas em conjunto pela civilização Asteca. Os Astecas foram a civilização mesoamericana que floresceu no centro do México entre 1325 e 1521. Estão interligadas numa relação sagrada, onde o cacau promove a absorção mais eficaz da psilocibina no organismo.

Uma microdose é uma pequena quantidade, neste caso de psilocibina, que não causa efeitos psicadélicos ou alucinações. Contudo, poderás sentir uma expansão na tua criatividade e um aumento no teu bem estar.

Falaremos em mais pormenor sobre os efeitos da combinação destas medicinas durante a cerimónia.

O valor de troca é de 70€, e inclui uma refeição ligeira (sopa) no final da cerimónia, para que possas regressar à tua rotina em plenitude.

Upcoming schedule

Sunday October 1, 2023
Ceremonial Equadorian cacao with microdose+ of psylocibin from psilocybe semilanceata variety of mushrooms.

Location: Agora Lisboa – Rua Rafael de Andrade 23, 2nd floor
Time: from 15h to 19h
Value exchange: 70€

Participation is limited and kept to a small, intimate group. Registration and prepayment is required to join. A light soup/snack will be served after the ceremony.

What to expect / what to bring

Each ceremony will be kept to a small group to ensure safety and intimacy, in a quiet and caring space, often a yoga, arts or community-based studio. We will gather in a circle, and although you may be asked to participate through sharing or singing, you are always welcome to remain quiet and remain in your own space. What is most important is that you come as you are. This is a space of connection and re-connection, sometimes to others but mostly to ourselves. It is a sacred space for you to honour time to speak with Spirit and listen to your heart.

The medicines will be introduced and explained at the beginning, before serving, and you are always welcome to take less of the dose recommended, or even to choose to take none at all. There are no obligations or judgements. To sit in circle is already a medicine in itself.

What we do ask is that you plan to stay for the entire ceremony. Particularly if you have taken the plant medicines, we take responsibility to ensure that you are in the correct mind-space before leaving and going back into the day-to-day world. At the end of the ceremony, there will be a soup and/or light snack served to also help ground yourself, nourish you, and give time to make connections in community.

We ask that you bring or wear loose, comfortable clothes and something that you like to keep yourself warm if needed (a sweater or small blanket). Please also bring a water bottle with a top/lid to keep close with you for during the ceremony, as we do not suggest to have open cups of water.

Join one of our ceremonies

We are very happy to welcome you to our medicine gatherings. First, we do need ask a few questions, in the following intake form, to ensure that this will be a right fit for you. Once we review your registration, we will send you an email with confirmation of your attendance, and you can then make your payment to reserve your space.

Payment details

To reserve your space, payment in full is required. 

Payments are to be made through SEPA transfer. Ensure that you write your name in the transfer details, so that I know and have a record of your payment.  If you have troubles or are unable to pay by SEPA, please email me to discuss other options.

In the case of event cancellation or date change by the hosts/organizations, a full refund will be issued. Cancellations made by participants one month prior to the event will receive a full refund. Cancellations before two weeks before the event date can receive a 50% refund. Cancellations made within two weeks before the event, no refund is given. Please understand that there is a great amount of logistical preparation required to host an event like this, and it is organized around our registrations.

Payment can be made either by:
MB Way: 930479390

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Privacy Policy

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