Services & Pricing


Traditional Thai Massage

A full body, rejuvenating massage that focuses on both preventative health by bringing the system into balance and therapeutic treatment for specific ailments. This treatment aims to bring relief from physical pain as well as tapping into the psycho-emotional aspects of the source of body pains while calming the nervous system and the mind. The massage is done on a futon on the floor, with the client fully clothed.  **90 minutes highly recommended**

60 min / 90 min / 120 min
50€  /  70€  /  90€


Oil Massage with Applied Thai Principles

Unlike traditional Thai massage, this treatment is without the clothes and with oil, for those who prefer the nurturing affect of skin contact and healing properties of oils. Like Thai massage, this treatment is also performed on a futon on the floor to maximize the ability of the therapist to apply pressure and provide a feeling of deep grounding for the receiver. The same science of philosophy of Thai massage to release tension and balance energy are used.

60 min / 90 min
50€  /  70€


Thai Abdominal Massage

Our belly is the storehouse of our old traumas, ancient and subdued memories, and our most vulnerable emotions. The area is soft and protecting, requiring calm, slow and deep work that touches a very sensitive and often ignored part of our selves. Abdominal massage is done while lying on the floor on your back, propped up with cushions and blankets to stay warm and cozy. Oil is used on the belly, along with compassionate, yet effective work. Belly massage can also aid in digestion issues, emotional release and stimulate the organs.  **60 minutes is mostly a feet, belly and head massage. 90 minutes includes a longer opening and relaxing of the body first**

60 min / 90 min
50€  /  70€


Herbal Compress Treatment

**This treatment is not currently available**

This treatment uses a compressed pack of all natural herbs covered in cotton, steamed to make hot and used to apply pressure onto the skin. The client is without clothes to receive the heat and medicinal properties of the herbs through the skin. Pressure is also applied to relieve tension and encourage relaxation. Receiving herbal compress massage is especially beneficial at times of shifting seasons, the onset of colds or feeling cold in general, or with low circulation.

90 min / 120 min
80€  /  100€