metta – and other fundamentals of Thai massage

A Thai massage in an experience like no other massage. Many who are quite accustomed to muscle-manipulation or oil-based relaxation massages, and even those who are used to energy work, find Thai massage to be “quite different”. I wonder if I fell in love with this work because it did remind me so much of […]

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uncertainty – space – solstice


a poem written by Erica – Darkness came to me last week. It was familiar, and terrible, and still feels unending. I wanted someone there to listen, but – I could see that others too were trapped in their own dark places. The mind traps us, in a million ways. Emptiness is an abundance of freedom. […]

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lotus, dharma, yoga poetry,

a poem written by Erica – A lifetime seeking dharma I didn’t even realize I had to drop all concepts Even of dharma itself To drop into the heart And forget myself. To feel what is needed In each moment. To feel the spirit of this Earth And what presents itself to us. Our man-made […]

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Moving Through the Creative Life With Yoga

creative life, movement, what is yoga, artistic life

move creatively and insightfully through the most mundane days and the most dull moments, for there is magic even in the insignificant – Who are we, really, to define and dictate what yoga is or what it should be, as I see so often among yoga circles and teachers. And I am no exception.  Yoga […]

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