Table Thai Massage Weekend Workshop

April 6-7, 2024
Limerick, Ireland
@ Redemptorist Catholic Church

Applying Thai yoga bodywork principles and techniques to the massage table

Would you like to take your massage/bodywork practice to the next level?

Learn touch sensitivity and how to listen with your hands?

Bring more fluidity and dynamic techniques to your treatments?

Learn to use your body in a way that protects you from over use strain and injury?

Gain valuable tools to help restore lost freedom of movement, improve the circulation in the blood and lymphatic system?

Learn how to unwind fascia and mobilize joints?

Support your clients to deeply unwind and downregulate their nervous system?

In this 2 day workshop we have adapted the principles and techniques of Thai yoga massage to use on a massage table. Although this form is bodywork is traditionally performed on the floor and without oils, the principles and techniques can be integrated and adapted to use on the table and many parts into an oil based massage sequence.

How does Thai massage work?

Thai yoga massage is a holistic and ancient bodywork practice. As a traditional mind-body medicine, Thai massage works with applied techniques to stimulate deep relaxation in the body and release energy blocks and stagnation throughout the entire system. It uses momentum and gravity rather than muscular strength and engages techniques that can use the forearms, knuckles, fists, knees and feet to apply pressure.

Thai bodywork also works with the mechanical, fluid and energetic layers of the body. The core principles of this healing modality centers around mind, body and spirit integration. Using tools of meditation, presence and intuitive listening, we create a safe and sacred space to encourage self-healing for both the receiver and giver.

Who is this workshop for? Why use the table?

This workshop is suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners. Some examples of why this training may be for you:

  • if you already work on a table and would like to expand your toolkit of massage techniques.
  • if you are looking to adapt your practice to use less muscular effort and finger/thumb pointed touch, to maximize leverage and use body mechanics to save energy while giving treatments, ultimately increasing your capacity and long-term practice as a professional therapist.
  • if you enjoy the movements such as stretching and compression from Thai yoga massage, but prefer to work on a table for whatever reason – possibly because it is not conducive or comfortable for you to work on the floor for your own body or age, or you have little space for a large futon on the floor, etc.
  • if you already practice Thai yoga massage, yet are looking for more ways to adapt your practice.
  • if you are a complete beginner and looking to explore touch, movement and massage to give a gentle, 1-hour table treatment, either as a starting point for a career in bodywork, or simply to share with those that you love.

About Susan Keogh

Susan is a licensed physiotherapist, movement educator, dancer, myofascial therapist, Thai yoga bodyworker and a life long student of meditation, yoga, Chinese medicine and chi gong. Her working life as a therapist now spans over 30 years of blending the wisdom and experience received through her own practice, clients, students and the inspiration drawn from studying with incredible teachers and traditions of bodywork.

About Erica Bhavani

Erica has been practicing various healing modalities for over 12 years. She found a real connection with Thai Yoga Massage as a practical way to share healing with others and as a personal spiritual practice. Certified through the Sunshine Network in 2015, she runs her private practice in Lisbon, Portugal since 2017. Her influences have shifted into Osteo-Thai, Craniosacral therapy, energy work and shamanism. Erica believes the greatest learning comes from experience, and supports her students to find the magic and mysticism of our Being and being alive through hands-on practice and how to touch and be touched.

When & where

Saturday April 6 from 9:30am to 6pm, and
Sunday April 7 from 10am to 6pm

Redemptorist Catholic Church, Mount Saint Alphonsus, S Circular Rd, Limerick, Ireland

Value Exchange

Full cost of the course, including print manual is 240€. This is a non-residential course, meaning accommodation and meals are not provided.

Early bird discount, if registered by February 20th – 40€ off

Registration and Payment Terms

To reserve your space, please complete the REGISTRATION FORM and make half of the payment (120€) by transfer to the account listed just underneath the form. Please write TABLE-YOUR NAME in the transfer details and advise by email when you make the transfer.

Remainder of the payment is to be made in cash on arrival of the first day of the course. 

*In the case of event cancellation or date change by Erica Bhavani or any other organizers, the full deposit will be refunded.

Any questions about the course, please e-mail Susie at