Shamanic Medicine & Energetic Bodywork

Shamanic Medicine & Energetic Bodywork

What is Shamanism? As a term that has become trendy, and indeed an Anglicized word that was never used traditionally to describe the indigenous tribe’s community healer, we in the West have come to understand this label by our own terms. My teacher once told me that shamanism is simply nature. It is by our connections to the natural cycles outside and within us that we can find balance and equilibrium. We can see in all forms of traditional healing that balance is always the goal. Coming back to our center, remembering again our true Self and finding the peace even within the pain, sufferings or illusions we may have.

I have been on what you may call a “spiritual path” for as long as I can remember – in fact, we have all been. Life itself is an expression of Spirit. Often when we feel in our lives that something is not quite right, that we don’t feel so well, that physical or psychological traumas consume us, or emotionally we feel completely broken down or consumed, this is also a sign of spiritual illness.

For more than 15 years, I have been seeking answers to my own illnesses. I have gone to countless therapies – both modern and alternative – studied deeply some of those modalities and practiced sharing their techniques of healing. All have a place and have provided some sort of aid and relief, yet the question often lingers: why do I still feel the same? The work of the soul and of our spirit span many many lifetimes. Our mission, purpose, lessons and meaning is not always so clear in one lifetime, which could be why it can take an entire life to find our own answers for ourselves.

After my many years of seeking, studying, training and practicing in alternative therapies and healing arts, what calls me the most at this time is the work that we could call Shamanism. However, it is more than that. It is a way of working with people in an unconventional, no bullshit and no nonsense manner, using the natural healing properities of Nature’s gifts and an understanding that everything is energy.


Within this framework, I offer two other forms of treatment sessions:

Energetic Bodywork

Of course, I believe all bodywork is energetic. This is a name to describe that this treatment works less with physical manipulation and more on your energetic anatomy. Though physical touch is still involved and used, the intention works mainly with holding the space for the energetic body to speak and for the physical body to make its own reactions and responses. In this way physical and emotional release happens on its own volition and therefore induces one’s self-healing capacity. Energetic cleansing and clearing techniques are used. Sensing and balancing the chakras (or the anatomy of the energetic body) may also make part of the session.

A session usually takes place while you are lying down, in a calm state, encouraged to relax and receive the treatment while still being aware of the sensations occuring. You may be asked to participate in some visualization or breathing exercises – all calmly, with the intention to help move the energy.

Shamanic Medicine Work

More info on these sessions coming soon. If this is calling you, please inquire by email.

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