uncertainty – space – solstice


a poem written by Erica –

Darkness came to me last week.
It was familiar, and terrible, and still feels unending.
I wanted someone there to listen, but –
I could see that others too
were trapped in their own dark places.
The mind traps us, in a million ways.

Emptiness is an abundance of freedom.
Empty of illusions, or tricks – limitations and fears
and pride too.
Is there space in your mind?
Space uninterrupted by stories we tell ourselves.
Assessments we must make of others.
Space to take on new, radical ideas?

Emptiness is quiet.
It doesn’t seek to know.
Or to have a better opinion.
It does not know.
A “radical uncertainty” of any time
The past becomes nothing but pure experience.

That identity you have so carefully crafted
Abandon it to the flames
Let it be digested, then forgotten.
Be dark, depressed, unsure of what is really you.
Uncertain of what the hell is coming next.
Empty yourself.


Happy winter solstice! I’ve embraced the darkness this past week and the sun just happened to come shining out again today 🙂

Photography by Hisao Matsui
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One thought on “uncertainty – space – solstice

  1. Dear Erica,

    I hope this year the winter solistice will only bring you happiness … in your native Canada. I hope the dark moments in your life are long gone.

    Thinking of you just now,


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